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Characteristics and Application of Cantilever Box

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   Simple appearance design, stable structure. Aluminum profiles with surface anodized are easier to wipe and keep the box as bright as new all the time. The cantilever control box is used in the installation of various man-machine interfaces and accessories on CNC machine tools, assembly lines and special equipment. With the cantilever or support system, it can fully meet the requirements of actual operation. The size of the cantilever box is completely customized according to the requirements.
The reasons for the hot sales of imitated Weitu cabinets, cantilever control boxes and CNC operating boxes are as follows:
1. Sheet metal electronic control boxes and cabinets in traditional industries have thin sheet metal, poor quality, easy to paint, many markets, short service life and beautiful appearance.
2. The product design of traditional sheet metal processing in China is unreasonable, the use process is not humane enough and the function is incomplete, while the design of new cantilever and imitation Weitu cabinet products is reasonable, which combines humanization with practicality.
3. The quality of traditional products is not enough, iron products and surface treatment of general quality are easy to cause rust erosion, blindly pursuing low cost leads to material quality and thickness jerry-building, time is long and easy to deform; the cantilever control box is made of aluminium material, which has the advantages of light material, corrosion resistance, good color and luster, and stable structure;
4. Traditional design is not beautiful enough, modular design of cantilever box. Aluminum profiles and die-casting corner parts are assembled together instead of traditional welding and grinding. Aluminum profiles with anodized surface are easier to wipe and keep the cantilever box as bright as new.
5. Compared with imported parts, our quality has reached a fairly high level, and has a great advantage in price and delivery time. At the same time, our products are more comprehensive, we design more products for customers to choose and use according to the actual needs of domestic and foreign customers.
6. The higher requirements for the quality and appearance of cantilever in machine tool industry, plastic machine industry and mechanical industry, as well as the increasing demand for cantilever in photovoltaic and solar energy industry, have made our products break through by leaps and bounds in the new year.