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Advantages of Aluminum Profile Chassis

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Aluminum containers are now applied to many industries, such as machine tool manufacturing, laser equipment, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic and packaging machinery, beverage machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, production line manufacturing, rail transit, wind energy equipment, solar energy equipment and other industries. What are the advantages of aluminum containers? 
Firstly, the aluminium profile case has strong corrosion resistance, plasticity and good productivity, which has a good advantage for production.
Secondly, it has good ductility and can be used to make light alloys with many metal elements. The material is of high quality.
Thirdly, the chemical performance is stable, non-magnetic, and can be recycled. It is a benign recyclable metal material.
Fourthly, it has good casting properties.
Fifth, there is no metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal in the surface oxide layer.
Sixth, it has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, which is outstanding in short-distance transmission.
Seventh, the elasticity coefficient is small, the impact friction can not spark, suitable for automobile technology.
Therefore, to sum up, aluminum profiles chassis with its excellent performance and many advantages, is very popular in the vast industry.