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How to Shield EMI in Industrial Control Computer Box

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   Industrial control cabinet is mainly used in bad environment, but if our industrial control cabinet is disturbed by electromagnetic, it may lead to some problems. So we should shield electromagnetic interference as far as possible. How should the industrial control cabinet shield electromagnetic interference?
The method of electromagnetic shielding for industrial control cabinet:
Our industrial control cabinet mainframe will produce a lot of electromagnetic radiation when working, if not prevented, it will also cause some harm to human body, so we need to shield electromagnetic radiation, protect our personal safety, shield a good industrial control cabinet can also effectively block external radiation interference, to ensure that the internal parts of the computer are not affected by external radiation.
At present, in order to enhance the heat dissipation effect, most industrial control boxes will drill holes on the necessary parts of the industrial control boxes, including the side plate holes of the boxes, the intake holes of the exhaust fans and the exhaust holes of the exhaust fans, etc., so the shape of the holes must meet the technical requirements of radiation blocking.
The opening on the industrial control cabinet should be as small as possible, and the circular hole with strong radiation barrier ability should be adopted as far as possible. In addition, the electromagnetic shielding of various indicator lights and switching wiring should be noticed. The longer connecting wires need to be designed as twisted wires. The exposed welded metal parts at both ends of the wires must be wrapped with rubber sheaths, thus avoiding the electromagnetic radiation generated by the electric wires in the cabinet.